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Save Dogs From Drowning with HedzUpPets Watercollars with Lynne and Kelli

January 11, 2022 PetAbility Season 3 Episode 1
PetAbility Podcast
Save Dogs From Drowning with HedzUpPets Watercollars with Lynne and Kelli
Show Notes

Most dogs that drown do so from exhaustion. This episode introduces an innovative collar, called HedzUpPets watercollar, that can save your dog from drowning, even if they lose consciousness. A typical doggie life vest cannot. Exhaustion can develop when dogs are unable to extricate themselves from a pool or they start swimming across the lake after those ducks. Sometimes the intention may not be for your dog to swim at all – they fall into the pool or out of a boat or off a cliff into a river when running in the woods. Imagine seeing your dog flailing; they are unable to get out of the water despite your desperate attempts. Of course, you can jump in if your dog is small enough to lift out of the water, doesn't dunk you under in the process, and you have adequate aquatic life-saving skills. But what if you don't see it? What if you are not there? There are some things in life that are far too precious to leave to chance, and your dog's life is one of them.

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