PetAbility Podcast

Agility = Teamwork + Fun for ALL with Nolan Ring

November 30, 2021 PetAbility Season 2 Episode 24
PetAbility Podcast
Agility = Teamwork + Fun for ALL with Nolan Ring
Show Notes

What do you get when you take people and dogs of all shapes and sizes and ask them to race through an obstacle course? AGILITY! Of course, there's lots more to it than that, but agility is fundamentally about enhancing the relationship with your dog. Essentially, you learn to talk to one another!  You learn how to read their signals, motivate them, and communicate your desired outcome through verbal and non-verbal cues. Agility is a very versatile sport that can accommodate any team that wants to try it, but mostly it's tons of fun. You may choose never to compete (and most don't), but you can still reap the benefits of relationship building, physical exercise, mental acuity, confidence boosting, and enrichment - and that's just for you, not to mention your dog!! So go find an agility class near you and embrace the obstacles on the course!

To find Nolan, email her at or contact Riverside Canine Center in Nashua, NH.

To learn more about agility in general, search the following agility organizations:
AKC agility
CPE agility
NADAC agility
UKC agility
UKI agility
USDAA agility

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