PetAbility Podcast

Getting "Schooled" on Fish Rescue with Gwendolyn Church

December 28, 2021 PetAbility Season 2 Episode 26
PetAbility Podcast
Getting "Schooled" on Fish Rescue with Gwendolyn Church
Show Notes

If you’re listening to PetAbility, then you’ve likely had a fantasy at some point in your life about having a rescue, likely for dogs, cats, or even farm animals. But I bet you never dreamed of having a fish rescue!! Dive in as fish rescuer extraordinaire, Gwendolyn Church of Friends of Philip Fish Sanctuary, tells us what it takes to properly care for fish while dispelling myths and bringing tons of compelling information about fish ownership to the surface. Her goal is that our fish not simply survive, but actually thrive in their homes! “Fishes are sensitive, intelligent animals who deserve so much more than we give them,” says Gwendolyn. Fish are different from ALL other animals because they have gills, fins, and live only in the water. However, these differences don’t mean that they are any “less than” our furry friends. So let’s make an o’fish-ial commitment to spread the word about our fish friends and the care they warrant!

To learn more about Friends of Philip Fish Sanctuary and support Gwendolyn's work, please go to their social media pages:

Click here for the amazing video by GeoBeats Animals

To find a veterinarian who specializes in fish, go to The American Association of Fish Veterinarians

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