PetAbility Podcast

Punishment and its Fallout with Ran Courant-Morgan, M.S., Behavior Analysis

September 21, 2021 PetAbility Season 2 Episode 19
PetAbility Podcast
Punishment and its Fallout with Ran Courant-Morgan, M.S., Behavior Analysis
Show Notes

Of course, none of us wants to think that we are actually punishing our pets! But in truth, punishment is simply anything that results in a decrease of a behavior either by adding something (positive punishment, perhaps a verbal reprimand) or removing something (negative punishment, maybe taking away a coveted toy). So we are all likely to be inadvertently punishing our pets without realizing it. This can result in unintended consequences. Listen as Ran, an expert in behavior analysis, helps Cathy and Chris to decipher what punishment actually is, what its outcomes are, what to look for in a dog that's experienced it, and ultimately, how we can mitigate its fallout.

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