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Pet Obesity: It's a BIG problem!

September 07, 2021 PetAbility Season 2 Episode 18
PetAbility Podcast
Pet Obesity: It's a BIG problem!
Show Notes

Is Rover looking a little heavier than usual? Have you found yourself dipping into the treat jar more often – especially during COVID? Turns out that keeping your pet trim is directly correlated with quality and length of life.  The equation for consistent weight is simple and familiar: calories in = calories out. But there are a host of items that can upset this balance. Listen to Cathy and Chris discuss factors leading to obesity, from breed disposition to diseases to lifestyle to medications. The plethora of life-threatening issues that obesity contributes to is shocking, ranging from breathing difficulties to increased risk of cancer. This episode is intended to inform, not shame. We provide helpful tips to determine your pet’s ideal weight, get it there, and keep it there.
Click here for the Dog Body Condition System chart.
Click here for the Cat Body Condition System chart.

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