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Hip Dysplasia with Dr. Michelle Powers

June 29, 2021 PetAbility Season 2 Episode 13
PetAbility Podcast
Hip Dysplasia with Dr. Michelle Powers
Show Notes

You wince as you hear your vet tell you that your 2 year-old German Shepherd has hip dysplasia. You did nothing to cause it. The special x-ray he just got told you he was born with excessive laxity in his hip joints. You thought he was a little lazy because he didn't always want to follow you up the stairs or jump into the car. Sometimes, the morning after a big hike, he didn't even want to get up to go outside and then laid down to eat his breakfast. At times, he would snap his head around when you gave him butt scratches, but you thought that was because it tickled. And no matter how much your daughter tried to get him to stand on his hind legs for a treat, he just wouldn't do it. It isn't that he is lazy; it's because his hips hurt!

Even though his loosey-goosey hips could not be prevented, there is still plenty you can do to manage the onset and severity of hip joint arthritis that follows. And it’s pretty simple stuff like weight management and strengthening! After listening to Michelle Powers, DVM, DACVS, CCRT, DACVSMR educate you about hip dysplasia, your worst fears will be allayed and you'll feel empowered. Hip dysplasia is not a death sentence, just an unfortunate and very common orthopedic condition that needs lifelong management. You got this!

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