PetAbility Podcast

Blind Dogs with Cathy Symons, CVT, CCRP

June 16, 2020 PetAbility Season 1 Episode 10
PetAbility Podcast
Blind Dogs with Cathy Symons, CVT, CCRP
Show Notes

How can we empower our blind pets to be independent and lead rich, joyful lives? Have you ever really thought about what it means to have vision or, moreover, NOT to have vision? To be blind is to be differently-abled, adjusting to a new normal - and it's your job to help your dog "see" that! When your dog loses vision it can be devastating. Cathy knows because she has lived with TWO blind dogs. Dogs are incredible at adapting (better than we are!), and you can aid them in the transition process by ensuring their safety, promoting their confidence, and continuing activities that bring them joy! Learn about eye anatomy, unique products that keep your pet safe and help navigate the world without sight, communicating through verbal and touch cues, and the specialty of veterinary ophthalmology.

For more information about blind dogs, check out Cathy's book, Blind Devotion.
For Cathy's children's book, Watching Out for Digger.

For information about Rex Specs, click here.
For information about Doggles, click here.
For information about Halos for Paws, Click here.
For information about Muffin's Halo, click here.
For information about SightScent, click here.
For information about Tracerz, click here.
For a behaviorist and trainer willing to work with your blind dog, contact Behave Atlanta for an in-home or virtual consultation!

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