PetAbility Podcast

Mobility Carts - That's How We Roll

April 21, 2020 PetAbility Season 1 Episode 6
PetAbility Podcast
Mobility Carts - That's How We Roll
Show Notes

Wheelchairs, mobility carts, wheels and rides! It's not the end, but rather a new lease on life! But Cathy and Chris realize that taking that step can be a big one. For some, committing to a wheelchair may be daunting. For others, providing independence and freedom to their pet is a no-brainer. Whatever your situation, needs, or goals, Chris and Cathy will help you to navigate the world of pet wheelchairs so you can make the most informed decision about what may be right for you and your pet. Who is a candidate for a cart? How can we help our pets adjust? What features should you look for? Is it forever? Can I make one or should I buy one? Does it need to be custom or can I get by with an off-the-shelf cart? And yes, your pet can pee and poop in the cart! Finally, carts aren't just for dogs anymore....

For information about Eddie's Wheels, click here.
For information about K9 carts, click here.
For information about Walkin' Wheels, click here.
For information about Doggon Wheels, click here.

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