PetAbility Podcast

Pausing for Paws!

December 26, 2023 PetAbility Season 4 Episode 26
PetAbility Podcast
Pausing for Paws!
Show Notes

Feet of all creatures are amazing structures that serve multiple purposes. This episode focuses on canine feet: their intricate anatomy, things to watch for, the importance of proper care, including nail trims, and the foot's role in overall health and well-being. These extraordinary assets not only allow for locomotion, traction, and protection, but are so sensitive that they give our dogs remarkable insights about their surroundings that enhances balance, agility, and function. Paying close attention to our dogs paws is important for pain-free and efficient navigation of their world. Whether it's a foot, paw, or claw, they  really are quite a feat!!

What the following YouTube videos for more information!
Anatomy and Palpation of the Dog Paw.
Toe Stretching!

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