PetAbility Podcast

Pig "Tales" from Care to Quirks! with Susan Armstrong-Magidson

October 31, 2023 PetAbility Season 4 Episode 22
PetAbility Podcast
Pig "Tales" from Care to Quirks! with Susan Armstrong-Magidson
Show Notes

Did you know that a pet pig has the intelligence of a 3-year old child, can be easily litter-box trained, is affectionate and craves companionship, and that the pig's primary senses are smell and taste? These are merely some of the fun facts that Susan Armstrong-Magidson of Ross Mill Farm and Pig Placement Network shares with us from over 33 years of experience raising and caring for pet pigs. The very same qualities that make a pig endearing can also lead to challenges resulting in many pigs being surrendered. They are not agile and should not be required to negotiate stairs. They are prey animals that frighten easily. They are difficult to transport, find proper veterinary care for and victims of zoning. So do your homework before getting a pet pig and if/when you are ready, remember to adopt, not shop. The pigs need you!

As Susan Armstong-Magidson says, "Pigs are not like dogs. Pigs are not like cats. Pigs are just like pigs!!!"

For more information about pet pigs, the Pig Placement Network, or to contact Susan, go to

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