PetAbility Podcast

Elbow Dysplasia 101 with Dr. Marjorie McMillan

October 03, 2023 PetAbility Season 4 Episode 20
PetAbility Podcast
Elbow Dysplasia 101 with Dr. Marjorie McMillan
Show Notes

Your young dog starts limping on his front leg; there was no injury that you know of. You bring your pup to the vet and the doctor tells you it could be elbow dysplasia. Now what? Listen to veterinary radiologist, Dr. Marjorie McMillan, DVM, ACVR, CCRP, explain what elbow dysplasia is, how it's diagnosed, and the various treatment options. This is a condition in a complex joint that needs to be addressed in order for your pet to have the comfort and quality of life it deserves. If you want to know what elbow dysplasia might feel like, it is analogous to having a rock in your shoe that you feel with every step. Ouch!

You can find Dr. McMillan at Windhover Veterinary Center.

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