PetAbility Podcast

The Healing Purr-spective of Cat Physical Rehabilitation

September 05, 2023 PetAbility Season 4 Episode 18
PetAbility Podcast
The Healing Purr-spective of Cat Physical Rehabilitation
Show Notes

Listen to Cathy and Chris as they pounce into the world of cat physical rehabilitation. Discussing everything from recognizing when your feline friend may be in pain to  rehabilitation tips and tricks to modifying your cats living environment.  This episode is sure to get you purring about all the pawsitive measures you can take to ensure your cat is not only comfortable, but also embracing life to its fullest.

Click the following links to help you determine if your furry feline companion is painful.
Cat facial expressions as an indicator of pain.
How to tell if your cat is in pain.
Glasgow Pain Scale - validated for cats.

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