PetAbility Podcast

That's a (Cat) Wrap! with Dr. Surell Levine

August 08, 2023 PetAbility Season 4 Episode 16
PetAbility Podcast
That's a (Cat) Wrap! with Dr. Surell Levine
Show Notes

The Calm & Cozy Cat Wrap is a game changer. It’s an extra needed set of hands if you work with cats and kittens. Invented by veterinarian, Surell Levine, VMD, CEO, to make vet visits easier for cats, this unique and effective wrap holds our feline friends in a calming hug while allowing special access points for common procedures and nail trims. It also has a plethora of benefits for cat owners providing similar care at home. With a safety-first mindset, the Calm & Cozy Cat Wrap allows for thorough exams and treatments with expediency and efficiency while decreasing stress for ALL involved - the cat (without the potential need for drugs,) the owner, and the vet. Listen to learn what this patented wrap can do for you!
Check out Calm & Cozy Cat Wrap for more information, testimonials, tutorials, and the many uses of this investment in your cats comfort and health and to purchase.

Veterinary professionals may purchase this revolutionary wrap at

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