PetAbility Podcast

Renal Replacement Therapy with Dr. Kathy Keenan

June 13, 2023 PetAbility Season 4 Episode 12
PetAbility Podcast
Renal Replacement Therapy with Dr. Kathy Keenan
Show Notes

Listen to Kathy Keenan, MS, DVM, explain yet another exciting advancement in veterinary medicine called Renal Replacement Therapy. This life-saving treatment is done for cats and dogs with many conditions including acute kidney failure, immune-mediated diseases, cancer, toxin ingestion, and drug overdoses. Renal Replacement Therapy treats the pets blood by filtering the blood in a specialized machine and then replacing the healthier blood back into the body. Sedation is required to ensure the pets comfort, but many dogs jump right up on the table once they get the hang of it. Depending on the condition, it could be just one treatment or could require a series. It's a natural process with few complications, often easier on the pet than other more traditional treatments. Since we can never predict when one of these medical issues may affect our beloved pet, it could behoove you to find one of the 20 veterinary practices  nearest you as it just be a  be a matter of life and death!

To contact Dr. Keenan in Vancouver, WA, you may email her at

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