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Home Laser Therapy Devices: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly with Alon Landa, CEO of MedcoVet

May 30, 2023 PetAbility Season 4 Episode 11
PetAbility Podcast
Home Laser Therapy Devices: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly with Alon Landa, CEO of MedcoVet
Show Notes

How do you know if a home laser therapy device is good or not? PetAbility invited Alon Landa, CEO of MedcoVet, to help us discern the good from the not-so-good light therapy devices available today. The laser (also known as light) therapy market is very competitive and navigating the marketing of a device, as well as comparing specs between devices can feel overwhelming. Home laser therapy is beneficial on so many levels, but can also be intimidating for the owner without proper education and the right device.  Alon discusses the importance of partnering with a clinical expert and how to find a trusted device that does what it claims. He also  discusses some of the concerns of bringing laser into the home and how his company and light therapy product, the MedcoVet Luma, addresses these challenges. Cathy and Chris are both long-time users of the Luma because they have witnessed its effectiveness treating arthritis, disk disease, and wounds. They want to help spread the word so that you may help your furry family member feel better, too, and at the same time prevent you getting duped by all the confusing information out there.

To consult with a clinical expert to see if the MedcoVet Luma is right for your pet, go to  MedcoVet for pet parents.

For more information about MedcoVet Luma and for comparison of devices , go to

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