PetAbility Podcast

Muzzle Positivity! with trainer, Laura Gendron

May 16, 2023 PetAbility Season 4 Episode 10
PetAbility Podcast
Muzzle Positivity! with trainer, Laura Gendron
Show Notes

Just because a dog is wearing a muzzle does not mean they are a bad dog! Listen to professional dog trainer, Laura Gendron, CPDT-KA, LFDM, FFCP, dispel the stigma associated with muzzle wearing by educating us about muzzle positivity! Laura shares a plethora of reasons why muzzling is beneficial such as during medical recovery (an alternative to the "cone of shame"), preventing the ingestion of inappropriate objects like rocks, and the ability to safely forge new friendships. Laura discusses the various types of muzzles available and the importance of proper fit. However, the big take home message is how to positively and  properly introduce your dog to the muzzle so it's not an anxiety-inducing or potentially dangerous process for you or your pet. Proactively training your dog to embrace their muzzle may become imperative in a variety of situations, for example vet visits, even if your dog has never had a bite history. We challenge you to think positively the next time you see a dog in a muzzle; it may not be for the reason you think!

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