PetAbility Podcast

Dog Health Journal with Erin Scott

April 04, 2023 PetAbility Season 4 Episode 7
PetAbility Podcast
Dog Health Journal with Erin Scott
Show Notes

Write it down! Often times when it comes to things we need for our pets, we have to create them ourselves, like the old adage "necessity is the mother of invention" implies. This is exactly what Erin Scott, self-proclaimed dog mom, did when she created the electronic Dog Health Journal. This practical, informative  guide facilitates keeping track of all of your dog's information in one place: diet, meds, changes in behavior, it's all in there.  You can record vet visits, vaccination records, and much more in one place to maximize vet appointments and get to answers efficiently. In Erin's case, the Dog Health Journal saved her dog, Penny, from permanent deafness.  It could even save a dog's life. PetAbility loves this tool and you will, too!

To learn more about Erin and order your own Dog Health Journal, go to for quick links, including her two podcasts: Believe In Dog Podcast and The Alternative Dog Moms.

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