PetAbility Podcast

Exotics Escapades with Pioneer, Dr. Doug Mader

March 21, 2023 PetAbility Season 4 Episode 6
PetAbility Podcast
Exotics Escapades with Pioneer, Dr. Doug Mader
Show Notes

Whether you have an exotic pet or don't even know what exotics are, you will be entertained and educated as you listen to expert storyteller Dr. Doug share his adventures of treating exotic animals for over 30 years. From parrots to primates and snakes to alligators, he's done it all with great passion. We discuss what attracts some of us to exotic pets, the ubiquitous human-animal bond, and the unique challenges of exotic veterinary medicine. Dr. Doug, a world-renowned veterinarian of exotics and international speaker, literally "wrote the book" in veterinary medicine on reptiles. Speaking of books, check out Dr. Doug's new memoir, The Vet rom Noah's Ark: Stories of Survival from an Inner-City Animal Hospital.

More interesting stuff:
See Dr. Doug perform surgery on Split Jaw on Gator Boys
Click here to see the video of Lola, the sea turtle, getting her prosthetic flipper!
Go to for Dr. Doug's new memoir, The Vet from Noah's Ark.
Also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Interesting article about Dr. Doug on the job in the Florida Keys.

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