PetAbility Podcast

Vet Visit Prep & Pointers

March 07, 2023 PetAbility Season 4 Episode 5
PetAbility Podcast
Vet Visit Prep & Pointers
Show Notes

Bringing your pet to the vet can be a stress-inducing blur! Listen as Chris and Cathy share suggestions to best prepare for your pet's trip to the vet and get the most out of your visit. They cover everything from what to do before leaving your home, providing helpful tips to maximize efficiency and managing expectations during the visit, and helping to ensure that you remember not only what happened, but why tests or treatments were done when you leave the appointment. Bottom line is trust your gut, be forthright, ask questions or seek a second opinion, and be prepared to advocate for your pet during the visit.  Not only will your pet appreciate this, but the veterinary team will as well!

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