PetAbility Podcast

Wildlife Rehabilitation with Bethany Brown

February 07, 2023 PetAbility Season 4 Episode 3
PetAbility Podcast
Wildlife Rehabilitation with Bethany Brown
Show Notes

Who has one of the coolest jobs ever? Our vote goes to Bethany Brown, founder of the Saco River Wildlife Sanctuary in Maine in 2015. Listen as Bethany shares tales of rehabilitating all kinds of critters, including racoons, foxes, opossums, skunks, porcupines, squirrels, coyotes, fisher cats and even bats! The Sanctuary takes in over 800  animals annually (and ever-growing) with the goal of setting them free in their natural habitat once healthy. Bethany educates us about what to do if we find an animal in distress (it is not likely what you think) and also dispels some common myths about various species. Education is key to understanding how important wildlife rehabilitators are to protecting, preserving, and rehabilitating the wildlife that keeps our local ecosystems in balance.  Fun fact: did you know that an opossum is called a "yard angel" due to all the good things it does?

Go to for more information.
Find them on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok!
Email or call 207-420-7159 for more information.
Go to Animal Help Now - your 24/7 resource for wildlife emergencies and conflicts.

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