PetAbility Podcast

Scratching the Surface of Itchy Ears with Jennifer Greene.

December 27, 2022 PetAbility Season 3 Episode 26
PetAbility Podcast
Scratching the Surface of Itchy Ears with Jennifer Greene.
Show Notes

When it comes to itchy ears, this perceived annoyance can quickly turn into a veterinary emergency. Itchy ears caused by allergies, is a VERY common problem in our pets and  one of the most frustrating issues to deal with. Left unaddressed, yeast, fungus, bacteria, parasites, debris, and water in the ear can lead to infections, severe pain, and diminished quality of life. As your pet's caregiver, you are left feeling helpless. Education is the answer. Listen to Jennifer Greene, vet tech and rep for Pet King Brands, explain what causes those itchy ears, what signs to look for, how to prevent ear infections, and options to treat these infections once they occur. She compares and contrasts the use of antibiotics with more natural solutions including enzymes derived from milk products that don't even require cleaning those ouchy, irritated ears. Just remember, when it comes to caring for your pets ears, you heard it here first - and your pet will thank you for it!

You may contact Jennifer Greene at with any questions.
You may find the enzymatic ear product that is discussed in this show at Zymox.

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