PetAbility Podcast

Behavior Analysis with Dr. Terri Bright

November 15, 2022 PetAbility Season 3 Episode 23
PetAbility Podcast
Behavior Analysis with Dr. Terri Bright
Show Notes

Listen to expert Terri Bright , Ph. D., BCBA-D, CAAB, tell us stories of animal behavior analysis, its history and use in the veterinary clinic.  She studies the "why" when it comes to animal behavior: what happened before the behavior (the antecedent), what does the actual behavior look like, and what is the consequence? She explains how this is different than behavior modification or training while using specific methodologies to change behavior, such as aggression. Dr. Bright shares many clinical tales to help us understand this emerging and important field. Ironically, human behavior analysis started with observing animals.  Now, we are using these findings to improve the lives of both pets and their people.

Dr. Bright is the Director of Behavior Services at MSPCA/Angell. Email her at for questions or information.

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