PetAbility Podcast

Canine Cognition with Emily Bray, PhD

September 20, 2022 PetAbility Season 3 Episode 19
PetAbility Podcast
Canine Cognition with Emily Bray, PhD
Show Notes

Have you ever wondered how dogs think or problem-solve? Listen as Dr. Emily Bray gives insights to these very topics! She researches canine cognition, or how dogs acquire, store, and use information. She explains how cognition is different from temperament or intelligence, yet each influences the other.  Dr. Bray studies everything from impulse control to detecting warning signs of cognitive decline to the ability for dogs to read human cues to the influence of maternal styles on the future success of guide dogs. We hope you find this episode as engaging and entertaining as we did!

Find Dr. Bray on Twitter @DrEmilyBray or her website:

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