PetAbility Podcast

Pet Bird Rehab with Cathy Symons, CVT, CCRP

August 09, 2022 PetAbility Season 3 Episode 16
PetAbility Podcast
Pet Bird Rehab with Cathy Symons, CVT, CCRP
Show Notes

Pet birds need physical rehabilitation, too! Listen to Cathy Symons, CVT, CCRP, share her personal journey of rehabbing pet birds. You will be astounded at the skill and creativity it takes to perform avian rehab. Cathy delves into handling, gaining trust, and a variety of specific techniques that she successfully employs to rehabilitate both birds with injuries and those suffering the consequences of growing older. Cathy shares examples of safe food rewards, enrichment items, and activities while ever cognizant of addressing our pet birds emotional lives. Here's an idea,  turn up the volume and listen to this informative show with your feathered friend!

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