PetAbility Podcast

Further Down the Rabbit Hole with Doreen Reynolds-Consolati; Part II

June 28, 2022 PetAbility Season 3 Episode 13
PetAbility Podcast
Further Down the Rabbit Hole with Doreen Reynolds-Consolati; Part II
Show Notes

Listen to our expert educator, Doreen Reynolds-Consolati, Vice President and Education Chair for The House Rabbit Connection, as we burrow deeper into rabbit care. Packed full of information, this episode addresses rabbit's specific medical concerns, elimination habits and marking territory, litter box training, the process of bonding bunnies, Easter holiday no-no's, how hormonal changes lead to behavioral changes, thumping as communication, rescuing rabbits up for adoption, and what to do if you find an wild bunny! In the spirit of ever-adored, Bugs Bunny, “ That’s all folks!!!”

Find Doreen at The House Rabbit Connection of Massachusetts & Connecticut
Call 413-439-7472
For those beyond MA-CT, go to House Rabbit Society for everything pertaining to rabbits!

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