PetAbility Podcast

Wink, the Incredibull!!!, with Anneliese DeAragon

April 19, 2022 PetAbility Season 3 Episode 8
PetAbility Podcast
Wink, the Incredibull!!!, with Anneliese DeAragon
Show Notes

Wink, is a beautiful pit bull aptly named due to her "perma-wink." She lost her eye at 5 weeks old and doesn't see far away or in low light very well with the remaining eye. She is also completely deaf, likely linked to her pure white coloring and unethical breeding practices. It is a miracle that Wink escaped euthanasia as a young pup. But according to Wink and her owner Anneliese, she is still a dog much like any other. An incredibully smart dog that participates in agility, nose work, bike joring, obedience, sled pulling, canicross, and  tricks! Listen to learn more about incredibull Wink and her enriched, fulfilled, joyful life. Spoiler alert: Wink was voted into the top sixteen on World's Most Amazing Dog in 2019! Don't tell Wink she is different and therefore can't do something. She will just prove you wrong!

Find Wink on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram @incredibulltrickdogs

Find Anneliese DeAragon at All Breed Rescue and Training in Colorado Springs, CO.

Click Keller's Cause for more information on deaf and blind dogs. Their mission is to change the world for double merle dogs by educating, advocating, and promoting the adoption of special needs dogs.

Click here for the article as Wink vies for Worlds Most Amazing Dog.

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