PetAbility Podcast

Pet Hospice with Dr. Becky Schoenberg

March 22, 2022 PetAbility Season 3 Episode 6
PetAbility Podcast
Pet Hospice with Dr. Becky Schoenberg
Show Notes

Meet Dr. Schoenberg, a vet whose unique practice is solely dedicated to hospice and palliative care. To paraphrase her website, hospice is a philosophy that shifts the focus of care away from finding a cure and towards providing comfort, peace, quality of life, and freedom from pain when the pets we love are facing terminal illness or advanced aging. As our pets are living longer and surviving disease processes and injuries that they succumbed to in the not so distant past, hospice and palliative care is a natural evolution in veterinary medicine. Listen to Dr. Schoenberg describe how her practice aids not only pets with chronic and incurable conditions, but also their caregivers as they struggle with heart-wrenching medical dilemmas, caregiver fatigue, and end-of-life decisions.

Go to Autumn Care & Crossings to find Dr. Schoenberg or email her at

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