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Vital Vet with Ilaria Borghese, CEO and Co-Founder

February 22, 2022 PetAbility Season 3 Episode 4
PetAbility Podcast
Vital Vet with Ilaria Borghese, CEO and Co-Founder
Show Notes

Vital Vet is a comprehensive, online platform on a mission to eradicate the words, "if I had only known" from our vocabulary. The platform offers over 500 products, as well as physical rehabilitation consults, blogs, videos, online education, and so much more. Aimed at pet parents, physical rehabilitationists, and all veterinary professionals, this vast hub of information  provides one-stop shopping designed to meet the needs of pet owners and rehab professionals striving to provide the optimal quality of life for the pets in their care. Vital Vet funnels information seamlessly so we can stay up to date with the most cutting edge products, services, and news. This site is, to say the least, VITAL!

To access the Vital Vet platform go to
Find Ilaria at Thera-Paw.
Go to AnimalAid.USA for the rescue charity of Ilaria's brother, Lorenzo Borghese.

Go to YouTube at PetAbility Podcast for the corresponding visual content of this episode, including navigation of the Vital Vet site.

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